Support MAVIN Foundation's Summer Challenge

MAVIN Foundation's Summer Challenge will come to a close on September 26th with a screening of Chasing Daybreak!

Since 2000 MAVIN Foundation has been the nation's leading nonprofit organization building healty communities that celebrate and empower mixed heritage people and families. Because of your support MAVIN's innovative and award winning projects have had a positive immpact in the lives of thousands.

Today we are challenging ourselves and our supporters to create a better world for multiracial and transracially adopted people and families. We invite you to be a part of MAVIN Foundation's Summer Challenge and ensure we continue our important work. Some recent accomplishments include:

Hosted the 3rd Annual National Mixed Heritage Student Leadership Retreat and trained mixed race and transracially adopted students from across the country to become our community ’s next generation of leaders.

Recruited over 1,000 new bone marrow donors to the National Marrow Donor Program Registry, bringing the MatchMaker Bone Marrow Donor Project’s total to over 11,000 new donors since 2001.

Launched the Mixed Heritage Center (MHC), a national clearinghouse of information related to mixed heritage issues, in partnership with the Association of MultiEthnic Americans (AMEA). (Look for the new website this month.)

Expanded education and support services to MatchMaker’s clients and healthcare providers through our new Multiethnic Health Access through Education Initiative.

Generated unprecedented visibility for our community through our groundbreaking documentary film, “Chasing Daybreak,” which chronicles the Generation MIX National Awareness Tour. “Chasing Daybreak” has been screened around the country.

To face the challenges of the future we need your support. Consider that today, 1 out of every 6 babies born is of mixed race in cities like Seattle, Phoenix and Sacramento. At the same time school systems force most multiracial and transracially adopted students to deny part of their heritage, and healthcare systems have structural barriers that limit equal access to quality care for mixed heritage patients and their families.

Please help us meet these challenges now. We are proud that 100% of our staff and board have already made a personal pledge to MAVIN’s Summer Challenge. Whether you contribute $25 or $5,000, we hope you join us and make an investment in our shared vision of healthy communities that celebrate and empower mixed heritage people and families.

Most sincerely,

Amanda Erekson
Operations Manager

Alfredo Padilla
Education Project Manager

Bif Brigman
Mixed Heritage Center Coordinator

Joana Ramos, MSW
Health Access Project Manager

Anne Katahira-Sims
Executive Director


Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.

Track our progress below:

$9,535 Raised

To make a contribution by mail send a check to:

MAVIN Foundation
Attn: MAVIN Summer Challenge
600 First Avenue, Suite 600
Seattle, WA 98118

To make a contribution by phone with Visa or MC call Amanda Erekson at (206) 622-7101 or 1-888-776-2846