We enjoy partnering with a wide range of organizations and companies that share our mission of celebrating and advocating for mixed heritage people and families. We encourage you to support the following outstanding organizations!

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National Ethnic and Affinity Organizations

Japanese American Citizen's League (JACL)

Korean American Coalition (KAC)

Seattle-area Ethnic and Affinity Organizations

Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas

Pride Foundation

Suquamish Tribe

Wing Luke Asian Museum

Health-Related Organizations

Asian American Donor Program (AADP)

Gilda's Club Seattle

International Community Health Services


National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP)

Youth/Young Adult Leadership Organizations

OneWorld Now! Global Youth Leadership Program

Teens in Public Service (TIPS)

Young Professionals of Greater Seattle (YPoGS)

Faith-Based Entities/ Organizations

Grace Episcopal Church on Bainbridge Island, WA

Colleges and Universities we have partnered with

LBJ School of Public Policy at the Univ. of Texas-Austin

Seattle University

University of Washington

Wesleyan University

Western Washington Univ.


Lisette Austin, Writer/Speaker

Will Austin Photography

Wilmer Galindo Design

Maria P. P. Root, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Charles Yesuwan Design
Adoptee Organizations
  Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington (AAAW)
Based in Seattle, AAAW is a resource that provides mentoring, fellowship and educational opportunities for Asian/Pacific adoptees and the community.
  Vietnamese Adoptee Network (VAN)
VAN is a nonprofit organization that seeks to maximize the Vietnamese adoptee experience in a caring, supportive environment by networking them to other adoptees and community resources.
Mixed Heritage Community Organizations and Resources
  Association of MultiEthnic Americans (AMEA)
AMEA has represented the multiethnic and transracial adoption community since 1988 and has nine affiliate organizations in the U.S. and Canada.
  Biracial Family Network (BFN) of Chicago
The Biracial Family Network (BFN) is a Chicago-based nonprofit community service organization that celebrates multiracial people and families. BFN is an affiliate of the Association of MultiEthnic Americans (AMEA).
  Fusion - A Summer Program for Mixed Heritage Youth
Fusion is a San Francisco Bay Area-based organization that seeks to celebrate and support multiracial and transracially adoptive families and youth through a summer camp, workshops and other events.
  Hapa Issues Forum
HIF is a California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Asian Pacific Islanders of mixed heritage and developing communities that value diversity.
Intermix is a website for U.K. mixed race families, individuals and others. Their mission is to offer a view of the mixed race experience by highlighting icons, films, books, poetry, parenting techniquest and celebrities.
  Mixed Heritage Center (MHC)
MAVIN Foundation has partnered with the Association of MultiEthnic Americans (AMEA) to launch a national clearing house of information related to mixed heritage and transrascial adoption issues.
  Multiethnic Education Program
The "ME" Program provides educators and families culturally competent resources and strategies (including publications, trainings and videos) to ensure mixed heritage children thrive in our increasingly diverse society.
  Multiracial Interracial eXperience (MIX)
Sponsored by MAVIN Foundation, MIX is the greater Seattle area's social and action-oriented community organization for multiracial people and families, transracial adoptees and people in interracial relationships.
  Oregon Council on Multiracial Affairs (OCMA)
OCMA is the Portland, Oregon affiliate of AMEA. Their mission is to broaden awareness of the multiracial and multicultural experience. OCMA offers family potlucks andan annual celebration of the Loving Supreme Court decision.
  Swirl, Inc.
Swirl aims to unite the mixed community by providing support to mixed families, mixed individuals, transracial adoptees, and interracial/cultural couples.
Mixed Heritage Campus Organizations
  miXed at the University of Washington
Mixed at the University of Washington is a MAVIN Foundation-sponsored campus group that celebrates the mixed race and transracially adopted experience through social, health and political events!
  National Mixed Race Student Coalition (NMRSC)
Founded in 2003 at the MAVIN Foundation National Conference on the Mixed Race Experience, the NMRSC The Coalition allows campus organizations from across the country to network, learn from each other, and grow more>
Companies Selling Mixed Heritage Products  
Mix-It-Up celebrates the diverse relationships of our lives through greeting cards, invitations and announcements.
  Of Many Colors: Portraits of Multiracial Families
Of Many Colors includes photographs and interviews with 20 families who have bridged the racial divide through interracial relationships and/or adoption.
  Real Kidz
Real Kidz were developed to celebrate the birth of Courtney Helm's biracial nephew. The set of dolls represent different mixed heritage backgrounds.
Other Resources, Notable Authors, Books, Etc.      
  Mixed: An Anthology of Short Fiction on the Multiracial Experience, Chadra Prasad, Editor
Chandra Prasad's Mixed "explodes expectations of what it means to be multiracial.