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Superb Parenting Resource
MAVIN has published a groundbreaking book to educate parents and professionals about raising healthy and happy mixed race youth. more>

Hybrid Vigor T-Shirts!
Do you want cool MAVIN T-shirts and other merchandise that show your mixed or adoptee pride? Your purchase supports MAVIN's projects! more>

MAVIN Magazine
MAVIN is the only magazine celebrating the mixed race experience. The current issue features over 80 pages of articles on topics like transracial adoption, Mexipinos, mixed blood Native Americans, and White privilege. more>
Community MAP (Mixed race Action Plan)
After nearly 16 months, the Seattle pilot of MAVIN's innovative new project is nearing its completion. This Fall, we'll make the comprehensive report available online before expanding to new communities. more>
MatchMaker Bone Marrow Project
Since 2001, MAVIN's bone marrow project has registered over 10,000 potentially life-saving donors! Join with us as we launch future National Marrow-thons to find life-saving matches for people with leukemia. more>
Education Project
MAVIN’s Education Project works with students, parents and educators to ensure the full participation of mixed heritage and transracially adopted students at all levels of education through five innovative initiatives. more>
Generation MIX National Awareness Tour
This past Spring, MAVIN launched its most ambitious project yet - five multiracial teens and 20-somethings traveled 10,000 miles in a 26' RV to raise awareness of America's mixed race baby boom. Sound intriguing? more>
Mixed Heritage Center (MHC)
MAVIN has partnered with the Association of MultiEthnic Americans (AMEA) to create a national clearinghouse of information related to mixed heritage and transrascial adoption issues. more>
Multiracial Child Resource Book
MAVIN has published a groundbreaking book to educate parents and professionals about raising happy and healthy mixed heritage youth. We're currently developing a CD-Rom and website to enhance this exciting resource. more>
Student Internship Program
Since 1999, MAVIN has offered young people exciting, real-world internship opportunities in the areas of journalism, project management, community outreach and nonprofit administration. Applications are now available! more>