Does your community need a Mixed Race Action Plan?

As America experiences a mixed race baby boom, communities across the nation need a model for how they can create future generations of happy and healthy mixed heritage youth. In 2003, thanks to a Neighborhood Matching Award from the City of Seattle, the city became the nation’s first municipality to support programming to address the needs of its mixed race constituents when it awarded the MAVIN Foundation a grant to launch a Mixed race Action Plan (MAP). Over the next 18 months, a diverse cross-section of Seattle families, schools and agencies came together to assess the needs of mixed race youth and families through community dialogues, meetings, open houses and in-depth surveys. Once gathered, the information was compiled into a comprehensive report with specific recommendations for families, schools, agencies and City government.

In 2005, Community MAP sought funding to support local implementation and national expansion. In 2006, we will focus on ongoing awareness efforts include a community website, free workshops, and the dissemination of 20,000 awareness pamphlets.

Please check back, as we will be launching a comprehensive project website shortly. Thank you.

For more information:
Amanda Kay Erekson
Ph: 206 622 7101

MAVIN partners with the Suquamish Tribe in Kitsap
We are excited to announce that the Suquamish Tribe has granted MAVIN funding to help us expand our Community MAP project to Kitsap County! We look forward to working with them to create programming specific to the experiences of mixed blood Native youth.

Does your community need a Community MAP?
MAVIN Foundation has announced exciting plans for national expansion in 2006. If you feel like we should be in your community, let us know!