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Posted February 21, 2006


Amanda Kay Erekson, MAVIN Foundation Operations Manager
Elliott Lewis, Author, Fade: My Journeys in Multiracial America


(Seattle) The MAVIN Foundation is profiled in a newly released book on the multiracial experience. Fade: My Journeys in Multiracial America by Elliott Lewis is now arriving in bookstores across the country. Author Elliott Lewis weaves his memoirs as a Black-and-White biracial American with the voices of dozens of multiracial people from diverse backgrounds who are challenging how we think and speak about race today.
Lewis, a freelance broadcast journalist in Washington, D.C., interviewed MAVIN Foundation founder Matt Kelley and staff members Amanda Kay Erekson, Alfredo Padilla, and Nicki Carrillo for a chapter about the organization. The book also includes a chapter about the Foundation's Generation MIX National Awareness Tour, which sent five twenty-something mixed heritage individuals across the country to raise awareness of the mixed race and transracially adopted communities.
With Fade, Lewis tackles topics such as the often complicated relationships between multiracial people and communities of color, interracial dating, and the birth of the multiracial movement. His interviews illuminate a variety of coping strategies and reveal stark generational differences in the ways mixed race people have come to terms with their identity. Lewis also shares his own moving - and often humorous - experiences with race. Fade: My Journeys in Multiracial America, published by Carroll & Graf, is also available through online book sellers, such as and
MAVIN Foundation builds healthy communities that celebrate and empower mixed heritage people and families. Since 1998, MAVIN has invested millions of dollars into innovative and award-winning projects focused on mixed heritage people, transracial adoptees and multiracial families. For more information, visit

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