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8/11/2006 > MAVIN Foundation releases an initial statement in response to the Department of Education's proposed guidelines on the collection and reporting of racial and ethnic data. more>
7/13/2006 > MAVIN Foundation responds to a Toronto Star article about the growing number of mixed heritage Canadians. more>
5/2/2006 > MAVIN Foundation announces the Multiethnic Health Access through Education Initiative. This program will help fill an urgent need for information and support of clients of MAVIN'S MatchMaker bone marrow donor recruitment project. more>
4/26/2006 > California Senate Judiciary Committee passes SB 1615 that would make California the only state in the country to allow individuals to mark multiple races on forms. more>
4/21/2006 > MAVIN Foundation names Anne Katahira-Sims as the organization's new Executive Director. This concludes an exhaustive national search conducted by the Executive Transition Committee. more>
2/28/2005 > MAVIN Foundation founder and president Matt Kelley steps down after nearly eight years as head of the nation's leading advocate for mixed heritage people and families. more>
2/28/2005 > MAVIN Foundation announces the 2006 officers for its Board of Directors. more>
2/27/2005 > MAVIN Foundation announces its new Policy project, which is designed to effectively advocate for the nation's millions of mixed heritage people and families. more>
2/21/2006 > MAVIN Foundation and its staff are profiled extensively in a newly released book on the multiracial experience by freelance broadcast journalist, Elliott Lewis. more>
1/31/2006 > Despite a strong pool of applicants, MAVIN Foundation reopens its search for a new Executive Director until February 28, 2006. MAVIN founder/president Matt Kelley agrees to stay on until the end of February. more>
1/30/2006 > MAVIN Foundation relaunches the web site for its just-released documentary film, Chasing Daybreak: A Film About Mixed Race in America. Check it out at www.chasingdaybreak.com or simply click here.
1/19/2006 > This week, MAVIN Foundation released the documentary film, Chasing Daybreak: A Film About Mixed Race in America, at a sold-out premiere held at the University of Washington. Copies of the film are now on sale! more>
12/31/2005 > MAVIN Foundation celebrates a year of exciting milestones and accomplishments in this "year in review" run-down of 2005. more>
12/28/2005 > MAVIN Foundation announces a new comprehensive education program to support the 2.5 million mixed heritage students across the U.S. more>
12/9/2005 > MAVIN Foundation announces the launch of a website to support mixed heritage and transracially adopted students on college and university campuses across the nation. more>
11/15/2005 > MAVIN provides application information for two open staff positions: Executive Director and Center Coordinator for the Mixed Heritage Center. more>
11/14/2005 > After a year-long effort, the "One Box Isn't Enough" effort delivers over 3,200 public comment cards to the Department of Education requesting that they implement federal guidelines allowing multiracial students to "mark more than one race" on forms. more>
11/9/2005 > MAVIN Foundation releases a groundbreaking report outlining the way that U.S. colleges and universities identify their students who belong to more than one race. Read the release and download the report here>
11/3/2005 > MAVIN Foundation announces exciting developments on the premieres schedule for Chasing Daybreak: A Film About Mixed Race in America, including premieres across the U.S. and a South American premiere in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!
10/28/2005 > MAVIN Foundation announces that its future programming will concentrate in three primary areas: Education, Health and Policy. more>
10/21/2005 > MAVIN Foundation welcomes three new members to its Boards of Directors and Advisors. They include Mariya Rubbelke, MBA PHR, Joseph A. G. Sakay, Esq. and Gina M. Samuels, PhD. more>
10/11/2005 > MAVIN Foundation's 3rd Annual Gala raises nearly $80,000 for MAVIN's innovative and award-winning projects. Thank you to everyone who made the evening a wonderful success! more>
10/6/2005 > MAVIN Foundation and AMEA's Mixed Heritage Center (MHC) receives a $98,000 pledge from the K&F Baxter Family Foundation. This represents MAVIN's largest grant to date. more>
10/3/2005 > MAVIN Foundation founder/president Matt Kelley announces that he will step down at the end of January 2006. He discusses MAVIN's strength, announces the formation of an Executive Transition Committee (ETC) and thanks the mixed heritage/adoptee community. more>
10/1/2005 > MAVIN Foundation announces its release of Chasing Daybreak: A Film About Mixed Race in America, via a nationwide series of premieres. more>

> Direct links to: official Film website or Tour project page.
9/30/2005 > As part of its 15-week roll-out of exciting news and announcements, MAVIN Foundation reveals its new mission to "build healthy communities..." more>
9/21/2005 > MAVIN Foundation announces a weekly roll out of news releases that will introduce its members and the public to the strategic plan for MAVIN's future! more>
9/1/2005 > A beta version of the website for the new Mixed Heritage Center (MHC) is now online! The MHC is a joint project of MAVIN and the Association of MultiEthnic Americans. visit>
8/15/2005 > The website for "Chasing Daybreak", the documentary film about MAVIN's Generation MIX National Awareness Tour, is now online! Visitors can download a Film trailer. visit>
8/14/2005 > MAVIN Foundation formally announces their 3rd Annual Gala and Auction via press release to local media.
8/1/2005 > MAVIN hosted students from the Southwest Education Center's Young Writers' Workshop. The curriculum is designed to aid students in developing a clear sense of self as well as a strong concept of community.
7/25/2005 > MAVIN announces its Adoptee Empowerment Project (AEP), a new project designed to foster connectedness and cultural identity for international adoptees. The project is made possible through a grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. more>
7/12/2005 > MAVIN urges support for House Bill HR2520 "The Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act of 2005," but indicates concern for lack of language to address healthcare disparities impacting communities of color. more>
4/26/2005 > MAVIN's founder/president Matt Kelley provides testimony to the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies Subcommittee of the U.S. Congress on the health needs of mixed heritage Americans.
2/15/2005 > MAVIN's Campus Awareness + Compliance Initiative (CACI) announces its "One Box Isn't Enough" effort to encourage the U.S. Department of Education to allow multiple race identification on forms. more>
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