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MAVIN Open House.
On January 31, 2005, MAVIN Foundation and our Seattle-based group, MIX, opened its doors for a community open house. Over forty people enjoyed food, drinks and conversation, as well as dozens of rambunctious kids running around the sixth floor of the Pioneer Building! Thanks to everyone who came. We look forward to doing it again!

Savanna watches as her friend teaches Maya some moves.

Sierra and her dad share a few words.

A little guy decked out in University of Washington gear.

Charlotte and Cosette engaging each other.

Someone's looking a little hungry!

Nivea and her mother-in-law.

Parents, MAVIN staff and kids enjoy conversation and food.

Nile gives the camera his best scowl.

These three girls spent the evening running circles around everyone!

Jennifer, Matt and Amanda being corny.

Nivea poses with her son.

Alfredo and Dara talk with guests.