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Creating Community.
Since 2002, mixed heritage individuals and families in the Greater Seattle area have come together via MIX (Multiracial Interracial eXperience), the MAVIN Foundation's community-based social group. Founded by Lisette Austin, MIX members get together for barbecues, speakers, and other activities throughout the year.

For more information about ucpoming MIX events, or to join the MIX listserver, go to the MIX Web site.

The Rovelstads and Austins are long-time MIX families.

It looks like the bubble got behind him.

The Kawabori sisters show each other some adoptee love.

David lets loose on the playground swingset.

Kiana enjoys the view at the beach.

Matt deftly avoids a tackle from a fearsome foe.

One of MIX's most popular events is its annual summer barbecue where families get together for good food, conversation and a soccer game.

Maya doesn't usually look this mean!

Kids just can't resist the lure of bubbles!

David, Mariko and Matt at a MIX potluck in West Seattle.

Little Zane chilling on dad's lap.

Sharon, Kiana and Lesa smile for the camera.